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No power from switch to 510's

New Contributor

I have a Lennar smart home, which includes a Ruckus 7150 and (2) ceiling mounted 510 unleashed.  Ever since Amazon had their cloud issue 2 months ago, I lost all power from my 7150 switch to both 510's. All 12 ports are working, as other smart items work, but I get no lights or power when either blue cable to the 510's are plugged in. Any ideas?


Valued Contributor II

It is not clear how Amazon cloud issues are related to your setup, but it seems that PoE is turned down on your switch. Check switch configuration and PoE status on ports, where APs are connected.

New Contributor II

I have the same issue. Started 1/23, all of sudden my switch and AP’s stopped working. APs doesnt have any of indicators on. Help?