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My apartment room came with a ruckus, I have no clue what model or how to use it.

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I recently got a new apartment and my room had a ruckus device pre installed, but I have no idea what model or if I can even use it. The device has 4 ethernet labeled Lan 1-3 and then a Lan 4 POE, there's also stop and reset buttons on the side.

The ports look like this model:

While the rest of it looks like this model:

I think I understand that this device is a wifi access point and I wanted to plug my computer into it for a more stable connection. Unfortunately, I plugged it in via ethernet and it doesn't appear in my networks at all.

Could anyone here help me? Thanks!

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It's most likely an H320 or H510. Unscrew it from the wall by removing the screws in the middle. Then slide up. Make sure the ethernet is connected behind the unit on both sides.

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Hi TR, 

That can be a H320, H500 or H510. 
These units are normally managed by a carrier.

We cannot see who manages it from remote.
Maybe you can ask the landlord or a neighbour that has one also?

Kind regards

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Community Admin
Hi Joseph,

Most probably there is no DHCP configured on AP's management VLAN and that is why when you connect your laptop, it might not getting an IP.

You can troubleshoot this easily.

1. Connect your laptop to the switch where these APs are connected and check what IP address you are getting.
2. Note down the IP address and configure the same IP address on your laptop's Ethernet port (change it from DHCP to static).
3. Now remove the laptop from switch and connect to the AP's Eth/LAN port.

Above should work assuming switch is giving IP address on the same subnet as AP.

If above doesn't work, install Unleashed app from below links, once done, connect your phone to Unleashed WiFi and then access the Unleashed AP. Post login into the app, you should be able to findout APs IP address. Once you know the AP's IP address, configure any IP address from same subnet, on your laptop and then connect to AP's eth port.

For Android:
For Apple:

If none of this works, you may open a case with support and they will assist.

Note: Before you open a case with RUCKUS support, make sure you know the admin username and password for Unleashed.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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If you don't know what it is, then don't touch it.