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Moved into Model home with Ruckus system - No help with set up

New Contributor

We just moved in to a lennar home and it was model home in our community so the sales team was here previously and used the system somehow but now we dont know how to get it working with our internet. No one gave us instruction on how to set up this Ruckus system. We had verizon out here to install the internet which they did but its not connected to the mesh system cause they had no clue how to set it up. I have read through and watched all the videos for install but it is not working. It cant connect to the switch, it just says connecting constantly and therefor none of the mesh things in the ceiling they installed are showing up. I am so lost and frustrated. Can some people just call me to help me get this set up? I would give my left foot up at this point just to get some decent customer support.