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Lennar connected home

New Contributor II
We just bought a new home with Lennar and I had ATT come out to set up the internet. When the tech came out he said that the home was not wired for fiber (construction complete May 2020) and he had to create a port to hook the gateway up into the house. He took a cord from the box by the street, drilled a hole in the wall in my master bedroom and connected the gateway there. He then connected the gateway to the ethernet port in our room to give internet to the ruckus box. It works, but the wifi for the ruckus internet is spotty and inconsistent. Was the tech just lazy and I need someone to come back out? Or is there something I can do to improve the connection? Speeds aren't terrible but they don't hold at a good speed. It's just spotty.

Any errors for these clients?

Not errors as much as the speed dips or I have high ping playing Xbox.

New Contributor II
I am using Unleashed

Right now I have 7 devices running on wifi and I run on wired while working from home.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Zakery

If I am understanding it correctly then you are facing slowness issue and it is not permanent.

Tuning the WLAN and AP settings may be required.

Few common things you can try are:
  • Use only 5G radio and disable 2.4G radio.
  • Or create a dedicated SSID on 5G radio and test with it.
  • If you have more then 1 AP, please change the BSS minrate to 12 Mbps.
  • Test the speed using any online internet speed testing tool.
  • When you face the issue, start ping from problematic device to gateway IP (I am not sure if that can be done using Xbox or not but for most of the laptops and mobiles device you can do it).
Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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