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Lennar Smart House Att Fibre Network Set Up Recommendations

New Contributor

Hello, I just bought a Lennar Home and it came with the Ruckus Switch ICX 7150-C12P and Ruckus unleashed wireless access point R320 looking to set up the best possible/ most reliable network with the hardware I currently have. I am obviously not a networking pro but not completely clueless.

We got At&T Fibre which came with bgw320-500 Router which seems to have great reviews online for the most part.

When they came to connect the Internet, the tech said the AT&T router would provide a much better wireless network than the ruckus set up (I suspect either he doesn't know or didn't want to be bothered with additional install or questions), so this is what I'm currently using.

The ruckus switch and WAP are currently unplugged. So far is working ok, with no major issues but it's not great. I've had to reconnect a few devices to the network a handful of times this week. When setting up devices I've had issues locating the network but once it connects (after a while and several attempts) it's mostly ok. 

I think I'm an average maybe a bit higher than the average user but not much. Mostly Streaming, smart home control, web browsing, and email (Working from home at the moment). 

Off the top of my head, these are the devices I currently have that will be connected to the network on a regular basis. Of course, I would like room for expansion in the future. 

  • 3 Laptops
  • 4 Smart Tvs
  • 9 Smart Speakers
  • 1 Apple Tv
  • 3 smartphones
  • 11 Smart Switches
  • 1 smart lightbulb
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Garage Opener
  • 6 Smart Cameras
  • Smart Doorbell
  • Smart Deadbolt
  • 1 smart hub
  • 3 tablets
  • 3 phones
  • wireless printer

So, bottom line:

  • Do I do what the ATT tech said and not bother with the Ruckus system?
  • Do I completely bypass the ATT router and just use it as a modem getting wifi network from ruckus?
  • Can I use both systems, setting one up as an extender?
  • Create two networks and keep smart home devices (or any other group of devices) on one network and the rest on the other? Don't even know if that is possible, also worried about interference.
  • Any other configuration I haven't considered

I included all info I think is relevant but can provide more info if needed.

I appreciate your time and expertise in advance,




Good morning - 

I'd like to start by saying I think most install techs tell you to use their gear, because you have to pay rental fees on it. Where the internet line is dropped off, meaning the physical cable, is it located in the network dmarc box in your house? If so, what type of cable is it, an actual fiber cable, coax, or cat5?

I maybe have missed it, but did you say you only have a single R320 Access Point, or multiples?

I'm obviously biased, but I'd much rather see you run the ICX and Ruckus'll get better coverage, and better connection speeds.

Thursday, we are doing our first live stream on Twitch that is centered around your exact home. I'd encourage you to swing by and ask further questions, but we will give you a hand here as well.

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New Contributor II

I'm in a similar situation as yours. 3 story Lennar townhouse, modem/AT&T router upstairs.

I have 1/3 of the speed on the 1st floor, but still usable. However, the Ring Pro Doorbell doesn't like the weak signal and disconnects, so for simplicity, I keep most things on AT&T, but the Ring on the Ruckus. You can have both WiFis on, or turn off the AT&T if you want. I do like the simplicity of the AT&T. Still tuning my Ruckus.

@john_huynh - check the 35 min mark of the video I linked below. The bss-minrate changes should help out quite a bit. All of your devices will most likely roam right away to a new AP.

ok.. for those who are having speed issues.. what version of unleashed firmware are you using? 

For the original poster, yes ruckus will be much better.. I did not realize Lennar is using R320 vs R510 since all the older Lennar users had R510.

Did you ever get the R320 setup?

I am using I have on occasion got what I would consider full speed 300mbps or so but it is not consistent. Yet everything i test the wored connection it is over 450.