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Lennar Home with Ruckus - poor connectivity from ethernet ports and WAPs

New Contributor

Hey Yall, 

Moved into this lennar home a few years ago and the Ruckus+WAP situation has recently been having some issues. 

All of the ethernet cables run from the ruckus throughout the house to 2 WAPs and to 2 ethernet wall ports. 

Both the WAPs and the ethernet wall ports drop signal randomly. For example, the ethernet port upstairs is what I use for my PC. It will get 500mbps most of the time but drop to 0 about every 90 seconds or so. I've defaulted to using the wifi connection from my router to run the whole house but this is less than ideal. 


Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? 

The ruckus is a ICX 7150-C12P



Hi @at129136 

Have you checked if you can reach internet at the time of issue ? I mean can this be an issue where your APs are rebooting randomly on the network. Kindly share the version of the AP and its support log to have a look.

Best Regards