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How to return to default setting for "qos directed multicast" and "qos directed-threshold"

New Contributor

My Lennar home came with a ICX 7150-C12P switch and two R510 Access points. 

I recently purchased a SONOS system for my home but i was unaware of the native issues that SONOS has with the RUCKUS system. In attempting to make the SONOS equipment work i changed a few settings that produced for others online. 

From the command line *terminal* in MAC i made the following changes to one of my AP's *the 2.4 GHs one* .. Ruckus(config-wlan)# no qos directed multicast   

..Ruckus(config-wlan)# qos directed-threshold 0 


And indeed the SONOS system components started to find each other. That is, before all of my security cameras and smart thermostats and other gear that require a 2.4 ghz connection went offline 😞 .  No internet access on the SSID with 2.4 GHz after i made the changes. At this point i will either be returning the SONOS system or trying the BOOST module, but i just want to UNDO what i have done to the 2.4GHS network. How do i UNDO the following command lines above to return to default?  Please advise. 

I have tried the following for a fix, but still no internet access. 

ruckus(config-wlan)# qos directed-multicast

ruckus(config-wlan)# qos directed-threshold 128



Hi @Twilight360 

Lets first understand what the above two command does so that you understand those command can never impact the issue where you will lose internet access on the WLAN.

qos directed-multicast: All the IGMP multicast traffic is converted to unicast.
no qos directed-multicast : All IGMP multicast traffic is not converted to unicast.

qos directed-threshold 0 : All traffic (well-known multicast traffic, broadcast) is not converted to unicast.
qos directed-threshold 128 : All traffic (well-known multicast traffic, broadcast) is converted to unicast until 128 users on the WLAN.

So with the last two command you have executed you already reverted the commands and now there must have been some other parameter changed, if you can memorise and share that with us here or you can also contact +1 877-676-8641 to reach Wave Technologies supporting Lennar customers which is the dedicated lines for Lennar homes.

Best Regards