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Lennar Home Network Configuration with 1 ICX 7150 and 2 R320 APs

New Contributor

My two-year-old Lennar home came with a CenturyLink Modem/Router, one Ruckus ICX7150-C12 and two R320 APs. I've had numerous network issues, from intermittent internet drops (of device connectivity) to low perimeter WiFi signal strength issues, where some devices have poor internet connectivity and drop without warning. My ISP is CenturyLink, via a fiber optic cable. The fiber optic cable feeds into a Calix C844G Modem/Router. I then have the ethernet cable from the modem feed the ICX 7150 C12 Switch (not sure as to which port I should be connecting this cable to on the ICX7150-C12). Then, from the switch, I have several outbound ethernet cables, two of which are feeding the R320 APs. I wish Lennar and Ruckus would have generated better documentation for the home buyers to set this system up, both in terms of hardware/cabling configuration, as well as software option selection and configuration. Since the Calix C844G is an inseparable router/modem combo, I think it should be configured normally (typical). However, it appears that one of the Ruckus R320 APs must also be set up as a router. That makes a two-router system. I do not know how to configure the hardware, let alone the software of the system (which is made more difficult with a two-router system). I've asked several of my neighbors that are in the similar position, that I find myself, and many of them have already replaced the Ruckus hardware with other equipment such as Eero router/mesh system. In addition, several of them just continue to use their system is a sub-par condition for now. I have not talked to any neighbor that's fully understood the system and made it work, let alone work well. I'd like to think that the system described above was designed by Lennar and Ruckus to provide years of fast and smooth internet service. I haven't given up yet, trying to understand the system and configuring it to work as designed, but I'm close to it. I'm knowledgeable enough to know I need assistance. Could someone from Ruckus and/or Lennar, please help?