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Lennar Connected Home ICX 7150-c12p R510 AP Setup

New Contributor
I purchased a Lennar home with a ICX 7150 and R510 AP.  The wifi signal was broadcasting the Lennar assigned SSID and the ConfigureME-XXXX.  I downloaded the android app and connected to the ConfigureME net and followed the steps.  That's where I'm stuck.  I don't see the SSID I assigned during setup.  I can connect to the AP with Lennar provided password, but I don't get an external IP.  I had an old wireless router and it works, so I know the connection is good thru the modem.  When I go back to the mobile app and try to access the app it says I'm not connected to the network and then takes me to the network settings.  When I did the initial setup with the Unleashed APP, I picked the typical install.

I've done router setup for other manufactures, but this has me stumped.  Can someone point me to the documentation or explain how I can get this configured and maybe explain what I did in the setup with the mobile app?

Contributor III

 As far as I know from trying to help another Lennar smart home owner, he had  9 things plugged into the ICX-7150 Poe switch.

1. Ethernet port in Living Room

 2. Ethernet Port in Family Room

 3. Ethernet port in Master Bedroom

 4. Lutron home lighting interface device 

 5. Samsung Smart Things home interface device

 6. Kevo home interface device

 7. Ring doorbell elite Poe

 8. Ruckus r510 AP

9. ISP-modem/router/WiFi 

And others would have a 2nd r510 plugged in too.

I recommend turning off the WiFi on the ISP modem router.

Contributor III
To answer your first question yes, you need a router/modem going to the ICX-7150 switch so it handles DNS, DHCP, and NAT and other routing functions.

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Question what ISP do you have? Or did you get it yet?

New Contributor
Comcast - with our own broadband router and separate wifi router.

Contributor III
So are you using your own modem? Which modem do you have? And which WiFi router do you have?