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Is this the forum for Lennar customers to get a replacement unit? I have in circles to get an RMA

New Contributor

OK, went to the Ruckus site and they wouldn't deal with me even though my  RS320 AP is still warrantied.  They said because I was a Lennar customer that I would have to go to this forum.   I post me question here I was contacted by someone from this forum, and I did everything they asked, and I responded with my findings and actions taken. Nothing but silence now for days.  Please tell what I have to do to get an RMA.  I live in a 55 yr old retirement community and thank god I am an ex IT person.  Alsmost no one here in this community  could do what was being asked other than most likely me.  This is crazy!

Please just tell me what I have to do or just give some direction.