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Is there a WLAN Wi-Fi Calling configuration that just works?

New Contributor

Is there a WLAN configuration that just works for Wi-Fi Calling? If so, could you please share it?

I shouldn't have to be a network engineer to get this to work. I know they like to say every site is different and needs a ton of analysis, but I just don't think that's true. I have neighbors, but there's nothing bizarre about my situation.

When I connect to Wi-Fi outside my home, my phone instantly establishes a Wi-Fi calling connection to Verizon. I was at a Dr.'s office today and joined their free wi-fi. My cell connected to Verizon, then within a few seconds, it established the Wi-Fi tunnel connection, indicated by "VZW Wi-Fi" in the phone's status bar. I'm certain my phone settings are fine.

On Ruckus, my phone won't automatically establish the Wi-Fi Calling connection. I have to toggle airplane mode a few times, then it will connect, but it will invariably drop when I do anything that uses a lot of data or for other reasons I haven't been able to figure out. Sometimes it will maintain the connection for hours. Calls get logged under Wi-Fi calling in the GUI if the call is made or received when it has the VZW Wi-FI connection, therefore, I believe my firewall settings for port forwarding of udp 500 and udp 4500 with the Verizon gateway are fine.

My Wi-Fi calling profile for Verizon is correct: Set to Voice for

I've been analyzing the R510 system logs and also capturing communication with my cell from the AP and examining the capture file using Wireshark. Nothing is leaping out at me when the connection drops. I confess I'm not a Wireshark/network packet expert but I don't see anything obvious.

Thank you.

Here's my configuration:

ICX7150-C12: SPS08095f

R510: (latest firmware, where Ruckus has now added OFDM Only, BSS Min Rate and Mgmt Tx Rate to the WLAN Radio options in the GUI).

I have 3 R510 APs, one on each floor of Lennar house, so I set the middle floor AP as master that doesn't provide Wi-Fi service.  2 APs provide ample coverage for my open floor plan house.

I'm using Background Scanning every 180 seconds on 5 GHz and don't see interference very often in the Event logs.

I'm using Verizon G3100 as my Fios Router and using it's Firewall and DHCP.

All 3 APs get their IPs from Verizon DHCP.

The AP's noise floor is typically -106 or -107 which I understand is pretty good (not much noise)?

I've got 30 clients spread between 3 WLANS. About 20 are 2.4 GHz. Changing the Power from Auto to Full or any other level doesn't make any difference. When I look at the power in the AP info in the Unleashed GUI, the power is always Full (even though it's set to Auto).

CAC Call Admission Control is currently set to 50% but it doesn't matter if it's 10% or 70%. Ruckus knowledgebase said to enable CAC.

Here's my WLAN configuration:

ruckus(config)# WLAN Philippines

The WLAN service 'Philippines' has been loaded. To save the WLAN service, type 'end' or 'exit'.

ruckus(config-WLAN)# show

WLAN Service:



NAME = Philippines

Tx. Rate of Management Frame(2.4GHz) = 12.0Mbps

Tx. Rate of Management Frame(5GHz) = 12.0Mbps

Beacon Interval = 100ms

SSID = Philippines

Description = Philippines

Type = Standard Usage

Authentication = open

Encryption = wpa2

Algorithm = aes

Passphrase = abcde12345

FT Roaming = Enabled

802.11k Neighbor report = Enabled

Web Authentication = Disabled

Authentication Server = Disabled

Called-Station-Id type = wlan-bssid

Tunnel Mode = Disabled

Background Scanning = Enabled

Max. Clients = 100

Isolation per AP = Disabled

Isolation across AP = Disabled

Zero-IT Activation = Disabled

Priority = High

Load Balancing = Disabled

Band Balancing = Disabled

Wifi6 = Disabled

Service = Enabled

Dynamic PSK = Disabled

Rate Limiting Uplink = Disabled

Per SSID Rate Limiting Uplink = 0

Rate Limiting Downlink = Disabled

Per SSID Rate Limiting Downlink = 0

Auto-Proxy configuration:

Status = Disabled

Inactivity Timeout:

Status = Enabled

Timeout = 60 Minutes


Dynamic VLAN = Disabled

Closed System = Disabled

Https Redirection = Disabled

OFDM-Only State = Enabled

Multicast Filter State = Disabled

Directed Multicast= Enabled

802.11d State = Enabled

Force DHCP State = Disabled

Force DHCP Timeout = 10

DHCP Option82:

Status = Disabled

Option82 sub-Option1 = Disabled

Option82 sub-Option2 = Disabled

Option82 sub-Option150 = Disabled

Option82 sub-Option151 = Disabled

Ignore unauthorized client statistic = Disabled

STA Info Extraction State = Enabled

BSS Minrate = 12.0 Mbps

DTIM period = 2

Directed MC/BC Threshold = 0

Call Admission Control State = Enabled

PMK Cache Timeout= 720 minutes

PMK Cache for Reconnect= Enabled


Roaming Acct-Interim-Update= Disabled

PAP Message Authenticator = Enabled

Send EAP-Failure = Disabled


L3/L4/IP Address = No ACLS

L3/L4/IPv6 Address = No ACLS

Precedence = Default

Proxy ARP = Disabled

Device Policy = No ACLS

VLAN Pool = No Pools

Role based Access Control Policy = Disabled

SMARTRoam = Disabled Roam-factor = 1

Allow List = No ACLS

URL Filtering = Disabled

Application Recognition & Control = Disabled

Apply ARC Policy = NO POLICY

WIFI Calling Enabled= Enabled

WIFI Calling Profile= 1

Client Flow Data Logging = Disabled

WLAN Bind = 5g

Client Connection Data = Disabled

Transient Client Management = Disabled

80211w-pmf = Disabled



Hi @DocSavageWV 


Thank you for contacting RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

Hope you are doing well!!!

As per the case description, I could understand that you have an issue with your Wi-Fi Calling for a profile you created on Unleashed. 

Could you please let us know the answers to the below queries to assist you better?

1. Are you facing this issue only on a single device or all devices?

2. If it’s only on a single device, could you please help us with the device used and the software/version on it?

Also, please refer to the below link which describes the Wi-Fi Calling configuration on RUCKUS Unleashed and 4 Major common issues with troubleshooting steps for the same. Hope it helps you.

Please let us know the answers to the above queries or if you have any queries in this regard.

Thank you again for your patience.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

Hi Imran,

Thank you for replying to my call for help.  I've double-checked the items in the BLACKWIRE document.  I believe my Wi-Fi Calling profile for Verizon is correct because it works when I can get my phone to make the connection.  My Wi-Fi calling profile points to and is set to Voice.  Regarding the 4 WIFI Calling common issues:


This doesn't apply because I don't have 2 routers. I'm using the Verizon G3100 as a single router connecting to my Ruckus ICX-7150 C12 switch


It's possible I don't have something correct in my Verizon firewall. The Verizon G3100 is my Gateway, DNS and DHCP at private IP (I'm using the private IP range) I found a Verizon knowledge base article that said to also enable UDP port 123. I have port forwarding set up like this:

This is under Port Forwarding (Open a tunnel between remote computers and a device port on your Home Network (LAN). Supports gaming, IoT, home security devices and more.)

Port Forwarding

Original Port Protocol Fwd to Addr Fwd to Port

500 UDP 500
4500 UDP 4500
123 UDP 123

Whether I enable SIP ALG in the G3100 firewall hasn't made a difference so far. I currently have it enabled and have rebooted my router.

I also have the G3100 firewall set to 'Normal' security. I've tried "Low" security also but that didn't make any difference.


Multiple different iPhone and Android cellphone will not maintain a Wi-Fi calling on my Ruckus WLAN.  They also will not automatically establish the Wi-Fi Calling connection.  The only way I can get my iPhone 14 to connect is to toggle Airplane mode on and off several times.  Then it will maintain the Wi-Fi calling connection for a while, sometimes for an hour or two, but it always drops off back to a plain WIFI connection.

This happens with 2 different iPhone 14's, 2 different iPhone 13's and an Android phone. My iPhone 14 automatically establishes a Wi-Fi calling connection at my work office, friend's house (Tenda router), Dr. office on their guest wi-fi. I think this proves my iPhone is configured correctly.


ISSUE 3 above also disproves the inaccurate GPS location problem. Navigation apps on my iPhone have my correct GPS coordinates as well.

If my iPhone has a Wi-Fi calling connection and I place or receive a phone call, the call is properly logged in the Wi-Fi Calling log in Ruckus.  So for this reason, I think my firewall is probably correct and the issue is something with my WLAN configuration in Unleashed.  I could be wrong because I'm not a firewall expert.

Thank you.


New Contributor

I also have tried it with CAC disabled and DTIM set to 3 as per the BLACKWIRE document but there is no change. I found a Ruckus knowledgebase document that instructed to Enable CAC and set DTIM to 2 for Wi-Fi Calling.

New Contributor

If someone could share an R510 WLAN configuration that works reliably for Wi-Fi calling, meaning that phones automatically establish a Wi-Fi calling connection, then I could configure mine to match. If mine then started working, I can compare my current WLAN config with the correct one.  If mine still didn't work, then I would know that the problem is most likely not the Ruckus.