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New Contributor III

So I've been going back and forth for awhile with you guys on rebooting a broken 7150, I have performed everything in the description of how To's except for when scanning for the IP address to the ruckus it does not show up, and yes, I was connected and still nothing. I added to my post that I already had and did not get a response on whether it would show up under something other then Ruckus. You can see my post under RCK.


New Contributor III

I have performed that factory reset multiple times and it never goes to green lights, actually the amber lights blink for days until I pope the reset button again to make it stop..


Hi @ RCK


While performing the software recovery, if you are not able to find the IP address of the switch you can try console access of the switch.


1. Here I share the guide on how to console in the ICX-7150-12CP 'Ruckus Switch'


2. Once you are done with the step 1 please follow the below link to perform software recovery process from step '4'


Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.



Best regards,


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No disrespect, but PLEASE pass this issue on to one of your seniors! @RCK and I seem to be having the exact same issues and you haven't been able to resolve the problem. Telling us to do the same thing repeatedly (when I've tried it at least 20 times already) doesn't help the frustration.

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you keep telling me the same thing and I keep telling you none of it works..

Hello @RCK 

Hope you are doing well ! 

To solve this problem, we need to access the console of the switch using a cable  Type-C " Switch" to USB cable " PC " , If you face any  issue while accessing the console, please let us know.


Follow the guide below: How to console in the ICX-7150-12cp:

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez