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ICX7150 Switch & WAPs network problems

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 The switch is not communicating with the WAPs. All WAPs cycle through the power phase and show green 2g/5g for a brief time. While only up for that brief time, the SSID was not broadcasting. Then two WAPs return to power green only, and one WAP shows the power and CTL as green. Troubleshooting involved resetting all WAPs and powering down everything. Of course, without WiFi from the switch, troubleshooting from the Ruckus mobile app is not possible.



Hi @HOC2018 

Hope you are doing well! 

1-Basically, the yellow light means that there are not clients connected on that specific Radio (5G or 2.4G) that depends where is the yellow light on.



This does not mean that the Access Point is broken or damaged. 

Here is the meaning of each light on the Wireless Access Point

Yellows light 2.4G: Radio is up, no clients are connected to the 2.4 GHz radio.
Yellows light 5G: Radio is up, no clients are connected to the 5 GHz radio.

So, if there is a device (iPhone) that is using the 5G radio, the light on the Access Point will be turning green on the 5G radio indicating that there is a client/device using that radio (5G)

Light green CTL means that the access point is acting as the master ( Main one )  access point on the network.

2- If you need to reconfigure the network, please read the following guide carefully, make sure you have only one access point connected on the Switch ICx-7150-C12P (disconnect them via Ethernet)

AP - SW.png

Physical Factory Reset an Access Points Ruckus

Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using your Mobile

3-If this issue starts after a power outage please let us know 

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 


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