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ICX7150-C12 Switcher in router mode. can't get a connection between laptop and switcher

New Contributor

We are in a Lennar neighborhood. My neighbor can't get his ICX7150-C12 Switcher working properly (evidently hasn't been working since the two years he has lived there, he is on the elderly side). 

I have tried to help and I am stuck at what to do next. 

The internet is connected, but the connectivity is intermittent. The switcher is disconnected. An error message says "failed to ping ICX, Suggest checking the network". Internet through AT&T is fine and working. We have reset/restarted the APs and switchers multiple times (also reset the internet modem). I believe the ICX is in router mode (The name for the device is ICX7150-C12 Router). 

I am trying to follow the directions on this forum for getting the switcher back into "switcher mode". I have a 2019 Macbook pro running Monterrey OS. I have installed the MacOS SiLabsUSBDriverDisk Driver and the Brocade/Ruckus 7150 USB Serial Driver MAC. I connected the switcher to my laptop using the a serial console cable with an RJ-45 connector. The next step in the directions is opening the terminal and entering code in to see the ICX command line. The directory shows a different name than the SiLabsUSBDriverDisk driver. I am using this post as reference for how to fix my issue. 

Need help