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ICX7150-C12-Router -- cannot reboot to correct partition due to combo of username and pwd unknown

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Based on other threads wherein switch has been rendered useless after power outage, I'm unable to login to switch because none of the combinations of username and pwd included in other threads work on my device. I found instructions wrt accessing switch via telnet to obtain info and I have screenshots of the information using the commands found in other forum thread. However, I'm stuck without a valid username and pwd. My device does not have a label with the username and pwd and I have tried all other combinations provided in other threads. How can I get my switch to reboot to the correct partition? I have three waps and it's incredibly frustrating that the solution is incredibly convoluted. Please help.


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I think I tricked the device via telnet. Rather than being directly connected to device console, I accessed via telnet and ran reload. It prompted me to confirm and after confirming, I was prompted confirm again since it was unable to verify any config changes had occurred. It seemed to hang without accepting confirmation. After a few minutes, I closed the command window. When I reopened the command window and re-initiated telnet to device, it auto-switched to the "switch" (whereas it was previously the "router"). So, now my waps are working again. However, I need to upgrade my firmware on the device. Now that my device is in Switch partition, I will try the multiple combinations of username/pwd to see if any match. Then I will be able to upgrade.


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Please give the detailed description of the issue.


Also please share the LED status of the switch and the access points using the below guide.


R510 LED lights






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