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ICX 7150 C12P Switch

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I got a house (Lennar) and it comes with ICX 7150 C12P and I tried adding the ethernet cables to the switch so I could connect tv's and computers in different rooms to ethernet. But I'm getting 10 Mbps. How do i change the port to have actual speed to 1G-Full instead of having 10-full. I looked everywhere for an option to change actual speed/mode but I don't see it. Can someone please advise? I want to have ports 1/1/1 through 1/1/12 at 1G -Full. 

If I change configure speed/mode to  1G-full-master or 1G-full-slave speed duplex the port is not available it shows down. 

Image_ images_messages_60bc526d00ea110e398322f1_ffa2a550bfe998dac60935b96041543c_icx7150cp12-1f714110-dad4-41ee-b257-4951126b2df4-795543292.PNG