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I have R510 I am sick and tired of shitty firmware! Which Firmware is most stable?

New Contributor

I have R510 I am sick and tired of shitty firmware! At this point I don't care about features I just want this to work without constantly loosing connections and rebooting!  Which Firmware is most stable?

I have 3 of the AP as part of my Lennar Home and I am highly regretting that install!  Every new firmware causes some issues, small issues i could live with but loosing connectivity every few hours and the routers rebooting is just a cheap router problem!  I can't believe that this is being sold to some office deployments!  

I have Alexa that plays background white noise so my toddler could sleep while wife and I could do stuff around the house.  Well that is out the window when suddenly at 10 pm the wifi is lost and we are forced to go into his room and re-enable the white noise thus waking him up.  Rinse and repeat 2 hours later.