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I accidentally flashed r610 firmware on am r710

New Contributor

How screwed am I? It went through and now I'm unable to get to I used r610_200. Did i brick my device?


New Contributor

Well. I looked for some information here and was able to console in via putty. I attempted to tftp over the r710 firmware created the command text file as a .rcks. Ran it. It took the file and all seemed well, but after a reboot it no longer sees my physical connection to my latop after a while and drops. It connects and drops and now I have no way of talking to the device. I screwed up.

Welp. I don't know what happened. Walked away for 30 minutes and came back. I had held down the reset but it didn't work. I came back after some time... magically logged and the firmware worked. Wtf. I'm good. How. Fn magic.

Hello @Plato12 ,

Since the hard reset helped regain the access to the AP, I would also suggest you to re-flash the AP with the correct firmware.

You can download the AP R710 Unleash image from the below link:-

Latest version:  version:

Sarita Shekhar | CCNA | CWNA
Staff Technical Support Engineer,