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Help connecting internet

New Contributor

We had to upgrade equipment with Spectrum this week and now our internet will not stay connected to our Ruckus in our Lennar home. We had no issues prior to having to switch. What do I need to do? 



Hi @Leelee518

Please let us know whether you have faced any power outage or similar before the issue started?

If you have access to the Unleashed APP or the Unleashed dashboard via web browser, check if you can see the switch, and if the name appears as ICX7150-Router instead of ICX7150-Switch, you may be experiencing a known issue named routing code. This means that the Switch is booting from its routing partition causing the connection issues you have, so you need to follow up next guide:

How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via Web GUI.

Note: before you gain access to the Switch, your computer, or even phone must be connected to the internet, because must have connectivity to the Switch IP address.

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