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Changing Internet modem with ICX-7150 and R510 WAP causes no IP address to be assigned to wireless clients

New Contributor

Need to replace my Internet modem to gain speedier connectivity in my Lennar connected home.  The old modem works fine connected to an ICS-7150-C12P which connects to an R510 WAP.  When I change the modem, being careful to plug in everything as it was before, the SSID is viewable but will not deliver IP addresses to wireless clients.  The new modem connects to the service provider and wired devices work just fine.  For some reason, wireless connectivity is not working properly.  I have no idea where to start looking.  Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


New Contributor III

My suspicion would be that the old modem was actually a combination cable modem and router and the router piece was providing the DHCP service. If your replacement is just a cable modem then the router function is missing along with the DHCP service. You may need to add a router to the configuration. You won't need the wireless capability of a router as that is provided by the R510.

Thank you!  You are correct.  I was finally able to get the cable company to give me access to the modem configuration and did find it was providing DHCP service.  Now if we can get Lennar to provide login info to the Ruckus equipment, I can provision that service through the wireless router.  Unfortunately, they did not leave the login info and the default logins do not work.  I would reset to factory defaults, but am told they have configured heavily for the Smart Home devices and doing so would render those items useless until we could get details figured out.  I greatly appreciate you taking time to reply with a cogent comment.


I think that the Amazon service person would have set you up with passwords for the Ruckus equipment. The R510 and ICX7150 are setup in basically default modes and there is not any specific thing there for the Smart Home devices. The Amazon person did enable DHCP on the R510 which generated rogue DHCP errors since there were two DHCP services enabled. When I upgraded the firmware I turned it off and the errors in the log are gone and everything works fine. The Amazon service does set up on your phone accounts and passwords for all the various smart devices.

The R510 can be accessed with the Unleashed app on a smart phone or using a browser to get to the R510. To get at the ICX7150 you have to access it by connecting a laptop with a TTY program (PuTTY) with a USB to Micro-C adapter which is plugged into the 7150 serial port. There are line by line commands which you will need a manual for (online at Ruckus). Not user friendly.

I don't believe in renting equipment from the cable company (I have Xfinity) so I'm using a separate cable modem and a router which I own. So I can't be of much help in managing the modem/router you have.