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Connectivity Issues

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I apologize in advance on my choice of tech verbiage as I am not a CPU wiz. 
I have read and followed many posts about this connectivity issue but couldn’t find anything on what I’m running into. I currently have an ICX7150-C12 with 2 R510 connected to a AT&T modem. 
When I connect to the system, my internet stalls out frequently so I always connect directly to the AT&T router to avoid this issue. Many of you have posted about this and suggested that I use a Putty Application to connect to the Ruckus switch to change a certain setting. 
I have done this but here is where it’s different for me. After logging in using the putty application, IP address and entering my user name and passcode, I am prompted with a “RKSCLI” and waiting my command. It also tells me that I’m in an Unleashed-managed mode. All the other posts show different including the actual name of the switch. When I attempt to enter the commands that are suggested, it doesn’t recognize it. 

Any help to steer me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thank you. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Bobisfa, if you are seeing "RKSCLI" when logging in using putty you have accessed the access point instead of the switch. Check the IP address that you are using in Putty and correct it to the switch IP.




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