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Connecting Ruckus ICX-7150 and "IQ Router" from EvenRoute

New Contributor

Hi, I am in a Lennar Smart Home, ICX-7150-C12 with 2 WAP. Modem is ATT BGW210-700, 1Gb Fiber to the door. I am an IT professional and am pretty knowledgeable about networking. I need to connect my router between the ATT modem and the Ruckus Switch. I have an "IQ Router" from - a self-optimizing traffic management router. I want all traffic to/from the Ruckus network to flow through the router. However, I cant seem to get my router, which works fine connected direct to the ATT modem, to connect to the ruckus switch. I am sure there is a port config or something I am missing. Any Suggestions would be welcome!...