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Can no longer log into ruckus app after installing new modem/router and new SSID/password

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I have a Lennar home and have a switch for hardwired devices and 2 wireless APs (one on each floor). Until now, I was able to login to the Unleashed app and see both APs, and which wirless devices/phones were connected to each. I recently got new equipment (modem and wireless router) and a new SSID from my ISP and now can no longer login to the ruckus app. When I try to login from the laptop, it says username not found (based on the email address I entered). When I try to login using the app, it spins for a while and then mentions something about 'You are not connected to Unleashed network. Go to Settings?", but it pretty much dead ends there. I was thinking I would need to login to the ruckus app and update the info with the new SSID and password. Is this correct? and if so, why can I no longer succesfully log in to the app?





Hi @RuckusUser817

In the main menu, click to expand "WiFi Networks" menu, to reveal existing SSIDs.
Click Create to add new SSID. 

For VLAN assignment, click Advanced Options, and enter VLAN ID in Access VLAN.

Also please follow the below guide to create a New Wireless WLAN (SSID)

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Im sorry, main menu of what specifically?

I currently cannot login successfully in order to get to the ruckus dashboard.

When I try to login using the app, it gives me an error saying 'not connected to unleashed network'. When I try to hit from my pc browser, it shows me this, even though my internet is currently working: 


As I mentioned, this login issue started only after I plugged in the new modem and router, got the new SSID, and got rid of the old equipment/SSID. Im am confused as to why my credentials suddenly no longer work.

Do I need to disconnect the Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P switch (which has the 2 APs connected to it) from the power, and plug it back in? Will it try to establish a connection with the new router that it is connected to?

Hi @RuckusUser817

First create a new wireless WLAN (SSID) by using the below guide.

Also please follow the below steps after the unleashed network is complete with the setup.  (This is the process I went through to get mobile app access on firmware on a pair of r500's).

1. open the app on your device and tap "manage network"
2. if you're logged into a social account then you need to log out by tap the 3 - at the top right and tapping "logout" and confirm with "yes"  (You won't loose any other networks since its tied to your social account).
3. Tap "Change login destination ?" at the bottom right, just under the blue "Unleash" button.
4. Manually input the IP address or hostname of your access point and tap "Ok" (IP address will be easiest if you don't have an internal DNS resolver).
5. Input the admin username and password you used during the unleashed setup and tap "Unleash".
6. During the login process you will be prompted to continue or add to a social account, just use the same social account you have any other unleashed networks added to.





Best regards,


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