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Can no longer log into ruckus app after installing new modem/router and new SSID/password

New Contributor


I have a Lennar home and have a switch for hardwired devices and 2 wireless APs (one on each floor). Until now, I was able to login to the Unleashed app and see both APs, and which wirless devices/phones were connected to each. I recently got new equipment (modem and wireless router) and a new SSID from my ISP and now can no longer login to the ruckus app. When I try to login from the laptop, it says username not found (based on the email address I entered). When I try to login using the app, it spins for a while and then mentions something about 'You are not connected to Unleashed network. Go to Settings?", but it pretty much dead ends there. I was thinking I would need to login to the ruckus app and update the info with the new SSID and password. Is this correct? and if so, why can I no longer succesfully log in to the app?