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Another Rucku 7150 initialization help

New Contributor

Hello I recently purchased a home and found a Ruckus switch with two ruckus unleashed devices mounted throughout the home. I cant seem to get in contact with anyone to help set up the device and the original homeowner never set it up. 

I tried using Putty to activate the device but the commands i found online were not working so i went to update the firmware, i now cant seem to get the TFTPD server to upload the correct firmware even though its for the device. 

im using copy tftp flash [IP ADDRESS] [filename:icx7xxx_poe_02.1.8.b004.fw] primary

but it keeps giving me this error: MySwitch#The code type 0 is not correct for the target hardware, abort!
File Type Check Failed

here is my current version: 

MySwitch#show version
Copyright (c) 2017 Ruckus Wireless, Inc. All rights reserved.
UNIT 1: compiled on Nov 20 2018 at 00:09:55 labeled as SPS08080d
(25968884 bytes) from Primary SPS08080d.bin
SW: Version 08.0.80dT211
Compressed Boot-Monitor Image size = 786944, Version:10.1.14T225 (mnz10114)
Compiled on Thu Nov 15 12:59:22 2018

HW: Stackable ICX7150-C12-POE
UNIT 1: SL 1: ICX7150-C12-2X1G POE 12-port Management Module
Serial #:FEK3815Q4C0
Software Package: BASE_SOFT_PACKAGE
Current License: 2X1G
P-ASIC 0: type B160, rev 11 Chip BCM56160_B0

Would LOVE some help getting this thing going because my router isnt able to spread wifi through the entire house.