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Admin login credentials

New Contributor

I connected to the Ruckus using the IP address and got to the login screen. I tried using the login/password super/sp-admin, admin/sp-admin and admin/password.

But none of them worked. This is for the ruckus icx 7150-c12p from Lennar.

Image_ images_messages_60960434131c1e0a9578e724_814ec8e98a3f3248978bfd52d35e7cba_ScreenShot20210507at8.17.19PM-0fc05e1d-a1b0-4d63-9af8-ee84ceed9095-852826416.png

I tried the Unleased app as well and any attempt to connect to the 'Configure.Me-xxxx' ends up with 'failed to connect' error.

Can anyone help provide some insight into how to login and set it up.




Hi @smuglar 

The password never changes, these are the preconfigured defaults.

Super is most of the times for switch access.

I Highly recommend you to enable password recovery  here is a short video :

Best Regards

Fernando Vasquez