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AT&T Fiber and Ruckus - flaky internet

New Contributor II

All, I am hoping I can get some help/advice. Thanks for reading.

Here's my setup:

AT&T Fiber (BGW210-700) router --> Ruckus ICX-C12P --> 3 x r510 Access Points

Until yesterday everything worked great. We had a power outage yesterday and WiFi has been flaky since then. Goes up/down, speed tests error out or inconsistent.

I narrowed down the problem to the Ruckus portion of the networking. Because when I connect to the AT&T fiber modem's WiFi SSID, everything works great. Consistent WiFi and speed test results. BTW the WiFI SSID on the AT&T modem is different than the one setup on Ruckus.

So far, I have done the following:

1) Powered off and powered on the whole setup

2) Unplugged the RJ45 cables between the AT&T modem and the switch and also unplugged and plugged back in the cables on the Ruckus switch (to the access points).

3) Rebooted the Ruckus switch

4) Upgraded the firmware on the access points using the Unleashed app on my phone

5) Performed troubleshooting in the Unleashed app on my phone:

  • Speed flex test from each AP to phone looks ok
  • Speed flex test from AP to AP test looks ok

What else can I do? Thank you!

PS: IP passthrough is set to Off on the AT&T modem. Not sure if this needs to be On and don't recall what it used to be.


I think it is time to open case with support the troubleshoot this issue further.

Few last things to check before you open a case.

  • Did you enable "Client Isolation" under advanced settings of WLAN? If enabled, could you disable it and test again?
  • Is this a standard WLAN with a PSK key or a Guest WLAN?

Syamantak Omer | Community moderator | Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI | Follow me at

Did not enable Client isolation under advanced settings.

Standard WLAN with a key (not a guest WLAN)

Hi Srinath,

Please open a case with support to check this issue further. 

Syamantak Omer | Community moderator | Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI | Follow me at

Hi, wanted to provide an update. I opened a ticket with Support. It turns out the Ruckus switch booted into router mode. We had a brief power outage. The tech booted it into switch mode and everything is fine! The tech also replaced the router image file with the switch image file so it won't go into the router mode in the future.

The tech/support experience was phenomenal!

Hi Srinath,

Glad to know that our team was able to fix the issue.

Syamantak Omer | Community moderator | Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI | Follow me at