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How to bring a switch up in RUCKUS One

RUCKUS Team Member

Switch Product Series supported on RUCKUS One

  • ICX 7150
  • ICX 7550
  • ICX 7650
  • ICX 7850

Link reference:

Devices used in Lab:

  • Ruckus Cloud R1
  • Switch model ICX7150-24P-4X10GR version 8095g

Step 1:

Add the switch details in the cloud as shown below

Go to Wired -> Switch list


Click on “Add” option in the top right corner


You will see the below options to add the switch


Step 2:

Add other details like. Serial number, Venue , Switch is standalone / Stack and switch name


Switch serial number can be identified from “Show version” output

show version

  Copyright (c) Ruckus Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.

    UNIT 1: compiled on Jan 31 2023 at 21:50:36 labeled as SPS09010e

      (29360128 bytes) from Primary SPS09010e.bin (UFI)

        SW: Version 09.0.10eT211

      Compressed Primary Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.25T225 (mnz10125)

       Compiled on Mon Aug  8 11:58:28 2022

  HW: Stackable ICX7150-24-POE


UNIT 1: SL 1: ICX7150-24P-4X10GR POE 24-port Management Module

      Serial  #:FEA3227P11R

      Software Package: BASE_SOFT_PACKAGE

      Current License: 4X10GR

      P-ASIC  0: type B160, rev 11  Chip BCM56160_B0


UNIT 1: SL 2: ICX7150-2X1GC 2-port 2G Module


UNIT 1: SL 3: ICX7150-4X10GF 4-port 40G Module


 1000 MHz ARM processor ARMv7 88 MHz bus

    8 MB boot flash memory

    2 GB code flash memory

    1 GB DRAM

STACKID 1  system uptime is 11 hour(s) 55 minute(s) 18 second(s)

The system started at 19:13:23 GMT+00 Wed Apr 26 2023

The system : started=warm start   reloaded=by "reload"

Step 3:

Make sure the below commands are present in the switch which is in factory default from CLI

  • manager registrar
  • manager port-list 987

Step 4:

  • Run “Cloudtest(config)# no manager disable”
  • Run “Cloudtest# manager connect”

Step 5:

Once after the above steps below are the states you will notice for the switch in cloud

If Switch is in 8095g

Never contacted cloud -> initializing -> Firmware upgrading -> Operational Synchronizing -> Operational

If Switch is in 9010e

Never contacted cloud -> initializing -> Operational Synchronizing -> Operational

Note : The cloud will auto push 9010e to the switch but the process may take time if auto pushed by cloud





From switch CLI :


telnet@Cloudtest#show manager status

============    MGMT Agent State Info     ===================

Manager mode: ACX

Config Status:Enabled Operation Status:Enabled


SWR List                :

SWR fqdn                :

DNS List                :

Active FQDN List        : None

Backup FQDN List        : None

Active List             : None

Active List IPV6        : None

DHCP Option 43          : No

DHCP Opt 43 List        : None

Backup List             : None

Backup List IPV6        : None

Merged List             :

ACX Server Used         :

Port List               : 987

Server Port Used        : 443

SWR host                :

SWR discovery retry cnt : 0

SWR host retry time     : 0                                      

Query Status            : Initiated

NATS Tunnel Status -:

Tunnel Status           : NATS CONNECTED

Websocket Port          : 4222

NATS Port               : 7681

RPCLI Status            : None

ACX Hbt Count           : 1228

ACX JWT Renew Count     : 2

Timer Status :-

Manager Query Timer Status       : None

Manager heartbeat Timer Status   : Running

Manager JWT Renewel Timer Status : Running

  ACX JWT Renewel Time    : 2023-05-04 06:41:36


Click on switch to view switch information

From Running config:

Cloudtest#show run | inc manager

manager registrar

manager registrar-list

manager port-list 987



To connect to console go to More Actions -> CLI session



How to delete a switch from cloud:

Check the switch to delete and click on delete, then type “Delete” in space provided and delete the switch from cloud




  • Ruckus Cloud assigns a username and password to the switch once it is managed by the Ruckus Cloud. Even if the switch is disconnected from the cloud, the switch username and password remain the same. The password can be obtained from the Ruckus Cloud GUI under the Venue’s ‘Switch Settings’.
  • Also once the switch is up in cloud Web Access to the switch will be disabled as access to cloud using Web UI is available from Ruckus Cloud