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Complete the factory reset of the RUCKUS Access Points and configure them with a new Wi-Fi network or Service Set Identifier (SSID).


  • Product(s): RUCKUS R510 Access Points.
  • Software / Firmware Version: This could be on any version.
  • Other Conditions: -NA-


Below is the process of how to factory reset the RUCKUS R510 Access Points.

When the factory reset of the RUCKUS Access Points can be performed?

  • When the default Unleashed login username/password doesn’t work and we don’t know the configured login username/password of the Unleashed System.
  • When there are some issues with the Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity even though the connected Switch and Internet Service Provider’s network is working stable.

Please follow the process explaining the Factory reset process:

IMPORTANT NOTE: To perform the factory reset of the Access Points (AP) correctly there must be only ONE AP connected to the RUCKUS ICX-7150-C12P Switch port and others must be unplugged. For Example: If we have 3 APs connected to your Switch ports, we must unplug the 2 APs and keep only ONE AP connected on which we will perform the factory reset. This will act as the Master Access Point. Once we complete the factory reset process with all the configurations and make sure it’s working as expected, we can plug the unplugged APs back into the Switch ports and will sync up with the configurations from the factory reset Master Access Point. 

1. Here is the guide link explaining the details of the factory reset process.

2. There are TWO ways of completing the factory reset configurations.

          i) Using a Web Browser. Here is the video link for the same.

          ii) Using the Unleashed application on a smartphone. Here is a guide link for the same.

3. Password recovery setup: (This is highly recommended to reset the username/password when they are unknown or lost)

  • Please follow this Video link for the password recovery setup process.

Please post a query in RUCKUS Lennar Support if you need any assistance in this regard OR any other issues with the Lennar Home RUCKUS devices.

Thank you for visiting RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

New Contributor

I performed a hard reset by pressing the reset on the R510

Red light cam on, then the green flashing,

My laptop network manager never recognized the ""

Now the R510 is on green lights but orange for 5g

But I still can't logon because I couldn't rest the password.




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