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New Contributor

What username and password do I use to get into R550 web gui or CLI.

If it is has been factory reset I can get into it using super and sp-admin.

But after it has joined the Cloud I can no longer get into it.

I have tried using the same username and password I use to log in to the Cloud but doesn't work.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @jasons,

RUCKUS Cloud does not support customer initiated AP access via CLI. Our cloud controller is the source of authority for all wireless network configuration, and AP CLI initiated commands or configuration are not kept between device upgrades and reboots.

AP CLI access is available to RUCKUS Support and Engineering for troubleshooting and resolving issues with specific APs, but RUCKUS does not provide AP CLI login information to RUCKUS Cloud customers for their general use.

You may involve Ruckus Support by opening a case with us.

Hope this answers your query.



Vasanth Edward