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anonymous connected clients

New Contributor II


if I look at connected clients on the cloud controller for a 802.1x authenticated wifi ssid I see some clients with full username@mydomain  and some other with anonymous@mydomain; 
it does not looks like a difference in the client os, why I have these anonymous?

PS radius authentication is made trough a freeradius server with a backend on ldap (google ldap service).


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Ebi,

Thank you for posting your question, I was checking on some internal accounts also using Enterprise AAA (802.1X) and I was not able to see the anonymous clients, the accounts I checked had several clients operating on different operating systems, and they are authenticating against a NPS Windows server.

Have you checked if we have any difference between the user accounts for the clients that show anonymous and the clients that show the full and correct username on your free radius server database?