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Xclaim AP's hardware (end 25 july 2021)

New Contributor
Dear Ruckus,

On July 25th 2021 Ruckus will end the service of the Xclaim Cloud Manager. 

We're very disappointed on that decision.We have invested over 25.000 euros for Ruckus AP and we got almost 200 xclaim AP's in the Cloud Manager. because of that now we need to replace..Very unprofessional. Is it a possibility that Ruckus will support a migration path from Xclaim cloud to Ruckus Cloud for the Xi-3 and Xi-2 AP's? (with a firmware upgrade) and an extra Fee or something?

or trade with ruckus AP's at very low price? It's hard to invest again these days.

Hi and thanks for the quick feedback 🙂 I have access to all of my customers (and own AP´s) in the Cloudmanager still, but as you I am very interested in the process of how to move them to local management. One of the reasons is that a lot of the access points with different customers is always offline, they´ve been very unstable regarding being managed from cloud, so from time to time myself and end customers have to reset the AP´s and remove them from Cloudmanager and add them again. This is of course annoying, but when the hotel customer which I got has 25 AP´s and 10 of them are always offline, no matter how we reset/remove them from the cloud, I get frustrated 😉 Hope the local management solution will work better.

Thanks 🙂

New Contributor


I have a AP that i need to remove from Cloud Manager, but get error when i do that.

Hope you can save my day.

Best Regards
Shahid Khan

New Contributor

Hi Mr.Khan.

Are you unable to remove the AP from the Cloud Manager?

Do you have any screenshots, error messages?

Best regards

Erik Gustavson 


Did you see my screenshot or how can i send to you 🙂


Hi, I did not see the picture no. Are you sure you’ve uploaded the right format that’s supported? 🙂