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Xclaim AP's hardware (end 25 july 2021)

New Contributor
Dear Ruckus,

On July 25th 2021 Ruckus will end the service of the Xclaim Cloud Manager. 

We're very disappointed on that decision.We have invested over 25.000 euros for Ruckus AP and we got almost 200 xclaim AP's in the Cloud Manager. because of that now we need to replace..Very unprofessional. Is it a possibility that Ruckus will support a migration path from Xclaim cloud to Ruckus Cloud for the Xi-3 and Xi-2 AP's? (with a firmware upgrade) and an extra Fee or something?

or trade with ruckus AP's at very low price? It's hard to invest again these days.

New Contributor

The whole thing sticks in my throat. I support networks fir clients I advised to go with xClaim. None of them are extensive as yours and I might be forgiven for thinking that the lack of value means I deserve less attention. The fact is that SMEs find it even harder to invest initially, and my reputation is on the line.

I note, with no surprise, that you’ve received no answer.

I’m now in the position of migrating xClaims to local management, messy. Recommending replacements, which from my clients perspective is likely to be a difficult sell since I’ve already “got it wrong” one time around.

New Contributor

@keith_gould and how does one move the AP´s from Cloudmanager to local management? I have also sold a great deal of these AP´s, and now I am having issues with some of them and want to move them locally. I was told by Xclaim support in 2018 that information would be sent out to all owners prior to end of support, even tried to contact them, but nothing.

@erik_gustavson Local management can be achieved. The AP's have a default, built in web interface, but from memory getting them into this mode requires that you jack into each ap with a suitable device. Perform a hard reset (so you need to have physical access to the AP) and then from there on a 1:1 hardwired connection you're ready to set up.

Apologies for the vagueness. I road tested this a while ago on an AP I kept back for just such eventualities. To be 100% curate I'd need to go through the process again and document but at the moment I've other fish to fry. At the time of writing the cloud manager seems to still be on the air.

how to convert to Local management pls show me. Tks