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Turn Down Indoor AP Radio

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We have a bunch of T310S and R650 APs in our facility. I am looking for a way to - for a particular AP group - to turn down the radios a bit. We have a ton of spillage, where our WiFi signal can be picked up across the street a ways. Not sure if this can be done by venue, AP group, SSID, etc.?

These APs are all cloud managed, so figured I would ask here before posting in the indoor APs forum.




Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi David,

You can disable the specific AP radios by going into Network Devices >> Access point >> Click on desired AP >> on bottom right corner there is a setting called "Wireless Radio Settings" Click on edit and disable 2.4 or 5G or both, depending upon your requirement.

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Turning it down a bit, can be done on a per venue setting. Click venue, Edit, Wifi settings

Or you can do it in the AP, wirteless radio settings, and pick custom, reduce Tx power adjustment

Thanks - so this can be done at the venue and individual AP level only? I have 53 APs in one venue, but I only want to edit 43 of them... I will need to do this one by one? Just want to make sure that is the case before I start clicking...


that would be about right. AP-Group concept exists, but only to apply SSID/radio on/off basis, and not for other radio parameter options. Another option is to write your own script and use ruckus cloud config APIs to program the power setting - assuming you have done some AP naming convention that allows you to optimize your code. 

Recently we introduced "auto" TX power setting so APs select the optimal transmit power (cell size) to increase performance while reducing interference. But for your use-case (APs range too high)...

there is another option that I think is what would make it better for you. This is at the per-SSID (wireless network) advanced setting. Edit a network (SSID) and select Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom, and you will find four knobs that provide powerful airtime optimization finetuning. 

1. airtime decongestion

2. join RSSI threshold

3. Transient client mgmt

4. Optimized connectivity experience

documentation for this is on this page (scroll all the way down):