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Setting up SAS-CBSD Testing with Ruckus Q710 for End User Device

New Contributor
Hello, I am in need of assistance setting up a SAS-CBRS-End User Device system for End User Device testing. 

I like like to know if there are any detailed guidelines in the test setup (regarding the SAS test harness provided by Winnforum, the Ruckus authorized CBSD, and with the EUD)

I am attempting to validate the two following conditions (per the WinnForum  spec for SAS- CBRS-EUD):

1. Confirm that the device will transmit only after it receives authorization from an associated CBSD. 

2. Confirm that the device discontinues operation, changes frequency, and changes its operational power level within 10 s of receiving instructions from its associated CBSD.

Thank you in advance for reading and I appreciate any help I can get.

Best Regards,


New Contributor
Hello Steven.  Glad to see that GDT is looking into CBRS.  You will need to get a Q710 (P01-Q710-US02), a Private LTE network package (CLD-NTWK-x001), which includes an LTE core network and SAS service, and as many SIM cards (CLD-USIM-1001) as you the number of simultaneous client devices you plan to put on the network.  If you deploy before SAS ICS (currently targeted for August 30), then you will also need to apply for an FCC Special Temporary Authority (STA) for your testing location(s),  Our sales model is through channel partners.  Let us know where you are located and we can put you in touch with a partner in our area.  We can also point you to commercial test labs who are already doing this type of work using our gear.

New Contributor
Hello Juan,

I believe we were in a call before when our company discussed purchasing the Q710 and its licenses. We are UL based in Fremont and have been suggested to contact Ruckus on how to operate their equipment in order to perform end user device tests.


New Contributor
give me a call tomorrow and I can walk you through it.  847-867-1836