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Cloud Account Licenses Move to other Customer Accounts

New Contributor
Is there a way to move licenses to other customers inside your account
Example : Windows ABC customer has 10 licenses and are only using 7 of the 10.
Ruff Technology has 20 licenses using all 20 of 20. can I take some of Windows ABC's licenses and use them on Ruff Technology ? 

New Contributor III
Hi Brett - 

In the Ruckus Cloud offer today, licenses are owned by the end customer - Windows ABC or Ruff Technology in your example. Partner or VAR is providing value added service and management.

Partner does not own the license, customer does. So moving licenses from one customer to another is not allowed. 

Ruckus cloud is unveiling a new kind of MSP/VAR licensing where MSPs/VARs will own the license and will be able to distribute it, move it between their customers. This feature and license type is coming in 2H'19. Stay tuned.

Director, PLM, Ruckus Cloud