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Ruckus Cloud Outage - Network Down - APs and Licenses got deleted

New Contributor II
Received alerts this morning at 4am PST all our licenses expired.  Checked online and all our APs got deleted.

Got on the phone with Ruckus and they say its a known outage.

Anyone else still down at this moment?

All our APs got wiped from our cloud portal, end users no longer seeing our SSID brodcast.. we are completely down on wifi

edit: we are in Los Angeles

How about you WL in LA? Is your network back - up and running?

New Contributor
We are still down in Florida 5:02 PM Eastern time.  Over 12 Hours now.  Very very bad for us.

New Contributor II
are you guys showing any AP in the portal? or is it still 0?


New Contributor II
from my observation: it looks like the licenses got readded to my account - tried manually adding the serial numbers to the AP, it gets added but the provisioning server is not up.  so the APs show "never connected to cloud"