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Ruckus Cloud - Connected no internet on Business Network

New Contributor

We just went live last week with RUCKUS Cloud and R650 AP's at a remote site. We had one or two reports last week of users being "connected, but no internet", but thought it was a one off situation. Had them restart and the problem went away. Today, after the holiday weekend, we had about 4 different users having the same exact problem, however, connecting them to our public/guess SSID and then back to the business network seems to have resolved the issue. In Analytics, I see some unspecified issues with DHCP. I've checked those logs and do not see any problems with leases, etc... Has anyone run into this issue before? What makes this difficult to troubleshoot, is the issue has been corrected for those users, so I don't have a sample device to work with. I also have a call into Tech Support and awaiting their response. Thanks for the help!


RUCKUS Team Member



For this kind of issue it is important to narrow down and identify where this is happening, we could start by running some tests and creating a temporary SSID using our DHCP service, you can find documentation about that right below, make sure to assign the correct VLAN to the SSID. 

RUCKUS Cloud User Guide, PAGE 47 

If the issue does not happen while you are connected to the testing SSID we can focus on your DHCP server and local network, running a packet capture on the interface between the access point and the switch if the issue is reported again will help us identify any issues with DHCP, DNS etc. Also take screenshots of the logs you see on RUCKUS analytics. 

I see that you have created a case for this issue, please download the logs for the access points the clients were connected if this happens again, log in to your cloud and go to users then find the clients that had the issue you can search by MAC address, IP address, etc.  


Once you locate the client you will be able to see the access point they were connected to, also historical clients shows the last AP they connected to in case the client is no longer connected, once you have this information just download the logs for the identified AP by clicking on the access point itself, then click on more actions, download logs. It is also a good idea to write down the MAC addresses of the clients that had the issue. 


If required we will be more than glad to keep working with you on analyzing the logs and packet captures in the case you created.