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On-premise ZD1200 migrate to Ruckus Cloud

New Contributor

I have following the best practice from Ruckus and the AP has connected to Cloud controller, however, I can't obtain IP address from my Fortigate DHCP when my mobile phone connect to the SSID, any one has idea on this?



Hi @leockw 

First thing to check should be if the correct Vlan is tagged under the WLAN option from which client should pick IP. If that is correct then if the necessary tagging has been done on switch port for these Vlan and at last to see if the DHCP request is being received on the server side and if response is being sent.

If you see client dhcp request reaching to dhcp server but no response, reboot the dhcp server once.

If you don't see any dhcp request of client reaching dhcp server once reboot the AP.

You can also reach us out so that support team can help in isolating the issue further.

Best Regards


Hi Vineet,

As the environment is using the whole production environment, all of the vlan and DHCP for all client connect to on-premise ZoneDirector is no problem, all of the client can get IP address from Fortigate and connected to Internet.

However, I have following the best practice - choose the AP to "Join another controller" and delete the AP from ZoneDirector, after that, I can see the AP appear to my cloud controller.

I have try to setup a new SSID at cloud controller and the vlan tag is using the same vlan for on-premise SSID, however, the device cannot get the IP address from the Fortigate. I don't know what is wrong.


Kind Regards,