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New 3rd Party Captive Portal provider on Ruckus Cloud

New Contributor II
We have an IAM/CIAM platform to manage identities/users, including a product to customize and manage captive portals for Wi-Fi. We already integrate to Ruckus SmartZone, ZoneDirector and standalone appliances. More documentation:

We would like to know how can we add our third-party captive portal to be listed when creating a network that uses a third-party captive portal (WISPr Feature) in the Ruckus Cloud platform?

There is a pre-defined list of portal providers that are supported. We would like to add our solution.

Hello Renato,

Kindly open a ticket with Ruckus TAC and provide your account details along with the third party portal details. We would forward the request to Cloud team and keep you updated with this request progress. 

You can open a case either by online using below link and filling your details:

or you can call our support line and an Admin team member would log a case for you as per your details provided.

Best Regards

Thanks Vineet, I'll proceed with your recommendation.

New Contributor II
Hi Renato

I am from Serbia and I work in SBB (cable provider).
I looked at yours documentation and I wanted to inquire about the possibility of collaboration.
We are looking for 3rd Party Captive Portal provider(marketing approach).
We would like to give our wifi users CP with logging via social networks.
We need analytics on how many users have used the service, etc.

If you think there is an opportunity for cooperation feel free to contact me at mail

Kind regards


Hi Janko, I'll forward your message to appropriated channels. We'll contact you.