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Ruckus Cloud, no custom hotspot option ?

New Contributor III
I signed for a 60-day trial of CloudWiFi. There is upcoming event where I could test some of the Ruckus equpment and Cloud service.
Soon after initial setup I found that I can't create custom Hotspot. There are several predefined 3rd party captive portals, but there is no option to redirect clients to custom captive portal.
I was able to create custom hotspot in ZoneDirector, vSZ and Unleashed but not with Cloud controller.
Am I'm missing something ?


Valued Contributor
Hi Vmiro,

You are correct; Ruckus Cloud supports multiple predefined hotspot types that are built in as well as a comprehensive list of global 3rd party hotspot providers. It isn't currently possible to create a custom or non-defined 3rd party hotspot provider.

I hope that helps,

I'm from a IAM/CIAM company ( that offers Wi-Fi captive portal solution and already integrates to Ruckus ZD, SZ and standalone. How can we become a built in 3rd party hotspot provider for Ruckus Cloud?

Do you have any documentation about how integration works? With other Ruckus's solutions we need just to post the username/password to a webservice running into the Ruckus controller. Do you have this documentation for Ruckus Cloud?

New Contributor III
I'm still waiting for the tech support to get that info 🙂 Thanks.

New Contributor
Are custom WISPr servers on the roadmap? If we want a custom/branded captive portal would Cloudpath be an option?