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How can i enable SNMP for the APs in the Cloudcontroller?

New Contributor II
I have to enable SNMP for the APs in our Cloud Controller, but i cant find the Setting for this. Ping is working, but SNMP request not, so i think its disabled. Since the Firmware MR SNMP is supported for Unleashed APs, so it should work.

Someone who can help me?

Regards Dennis

Hi @renzo_carpio@jamesrucker,

Thank you for writing to RUCKUS Support via FORUM.


SNMP can be enabled from RUCKUS ONE now. However, APs support SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 in read-only operation.

Please refer User Guide page 549 & 551 to configure SNMP agent profile & page 210 for enabling in individual AP.

MIB files can be download from

For SNMP OID refer SNMP reference guide, can be downloaded from

Do let us know should you have any further queries.


Vasanth Edward

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Hey, here I am checking in on this almost a year later, any SNMP yet, or some other integration with Auvik or DomotZ?

And now 2 years later and I'm looking for SNMP in and stumble upon this thread.

As you stated, MSP customers are looking for SNMP for integration into our customer facing reporting, management, and alerting tools.  I took a customer with 100 Ubiquiti APs that supported SNMP to 200 Ruckus R650s that don't have this capability.

This is very disappointing, I may have to take them back to a vSZ so I can get this feature back.

I know, right. Is anyone at Ruckus paying attention to this thread? 6+ years since the OP and still no solution for SNMP?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @jbrown

Configuration of SNMP community strings on the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi controller was not possible in the previous versions. However, this has been added and implemented in the latest Ruckus One. 

Below is the snippet from the Release notes of the Ruckus One and the Release notes link. 
AP SNMP support has been enabled in RUCKUS One for monitoring of network devices. RUCKUS APs now support SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 in read-only operation.

Thank you!

How do we enable this from Ruckus Cloud?