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How can i enable SNMP for the APs in the Cloudcontroller?

New Contributor II
I have to enable SNMP for the APs in our Cloud Controller, but i cant find the Setting for this. Ping is working, but SNMP request not, so i think its disabled. Since the Firmware MR SNMP is supported for Unleashed APs, so it should work.

Someone who can help me?

Regards Dennis

Hi @renzo_carpio@jamesrucker,

Thank you for writing to RUCKUS Support via FORUM.


SNMP can be enabled from RUCKUS ONE now. However, APs support SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 in read-only operation.

Please refer User Guide page 549 & 551 to configure SNMP agent profile & page 210 for enabling in individual AP.

MIB files can be download from

For SNMP OID refer SNMP reference guide, can be downloaded from

Do let us know should you have any further queries.


Vasanth Edward

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Well the first code release that you stated was for Unleashed, now it appears that you are using the Cloud with 3.4.x and for that you will need to call into our Support organization to see when SNMP will be supported in the Cloud offering.

New Contributor II
Ok, that means not supported yet. Then i missunderstood the Release Notes. Ruckus Cloud is not useable at the moment....too many problems, too less Features vs Unleashed and Controllerbased. Thank you Dan.


Hi Dennis,

We would like to get in touch with you and understand more of your needs. Please email me at I am the team lead for cloud products. 


New Contributor

4 years later. Is SNMP supported in Cloud yet? I cannot find the option.

:), thank you for following up. We have added webhook APIs, northbound integration to SFDC and ServiceNow (from RA incidents), and mobile app push as well as emails/SMSs, but haven't gotten to SNMP yet :). It is in the roadmap and we will get this in - as our MSP/SP customers are looking for SNMP gets/traps for integration into their management/NOC dashboards.