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Failed to erase network or make any changes to Ruckus Cloud effective

New Contributor III
Every time I try to delete a network or make any kind of change in Ruckus Cloud, I get the error message described below just after pressing OK to confirm the change.

I can navigate through all menu items and view all features, but I can not change, delete or create anything, as I always get this error.

If you ever faced this problem or something like that, please share your experiences.

An Error occurred
{"errorType":"Internal server
error","errorCode":0,"message"."The firmware does not support this AP model

AP R610 - Indoor - FW Version:
1 Venue
8 networks

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fa135b77e24790650f_b07c2515ca198247cd4a9fae77c05384_RackMultipart2019071213283nk41-ce710a19-5401-4802-a22c-c170d4cba770-340662131.png1562964719

New Contributor III
Hi Ricardo,

This sounds serious. I am opening a case for you now to gather some information. I will contact you via the case shortly.