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ICX8200 Interface Configuration

New Contributor

I'm trying to configure an IP address for a single interface using the command

interface ethernet 1/2/1
port-name Frontport
ip address

but I get the error message 

Invalid input ->address
Type ? for a list
Node not parsed

Also , I tried creating a router Ve and I get errors too: 

ICX8200-48PF Router(config-vlan-10)# router-interface ve 10
Invalid input ->router-interface ve 10
Type ? for a list
Node doesn't exist

Is there something I'm missing?


New Contributor III

As far as the ve on the VLAN goes, the command router-interface is deprecated:

Not sure about the IP on the single interface though

New Contributor III

In 09... for the router interface you just nee to edit the int ve {vlanid}, it is mapped to the vlan automagically...

which version do you use?