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stp-bdpuguard and MSTP not working

New Contributor II
Hi all, 

I am doing a demo of an ICX 7150 and just configured it for MSTP.  I set a port to stp-bpduguard and intentionally hooked up a cisco switch to that port, but bpduguard does not seem to trigger.  Am I doing something wrong here?

Awesome.  I am guessing you turned off BPDUguard??? 😉

I had already done that on the Cisco side.  Honestly not sure what fixed it.  I just defaulted the config on the Cisco side port, then add the access vlan back on it.

ICX's can be configured to interop with the various flavors of Cisco PVST so that spanning tree will have a consistent state in both the Ruckus (Brocade/Foundry) portion of the network and the Cisco portion of the network.   I have implemented this many times.   Besides the different BPDU frame formats, PVST typically transmits the BPDU's on an untagged native VLAN (default VLAN is 1).    So the ICX also needs to be configured to have the native VLAN be untagged (dual-mode in older FastIron code).