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protocol error, doesn't start with scp!

New Contributor II
in lieu of any actual ansible modules, i am trying to make raw ssh commands work to an ICX 7750 switch, but even "ssh "show version"" fails with the following error "Protocol error, doesn't start with scp!".  This works on Cisco devices.  How can i enable the ssh service on the switch, or the ssh client to make this functionality work?  

No I am not.  These are the arguments available.


 DECIMAL      remote port
  public-key   use public-key authentication (default: rsa)

SSH@RUCKUSLAB#ssh public-key ?
  dsa   use DSA public-key authentication
  rsa   use RSA public-key authentication

This is normal behavior on the ICX.
In order to send a shell command, the ICX specifically requires you to spawn a shell, i.e a normal login followed by the command you want to run.
Otherwise, the ICX supports 'scp' using the remote command functionality, and if you try to use the remote command function with a different command than scp, it generates this error because it is not 'scp' and in the format it is expecting. 
This is why you see this error. 

Did any of you get this to work? I get the same error when using ansible raw module.
For example:
“Ansible {switch} -m raw -a “show ver” -u {username} -k”
The same ansible command works for a cisco switch but with ICX switch I get the scp error.
Any known solution on how to overcome this error and command the ICX switch via ansible?

Got the same behavior trying to ssh to my Ruckus switch running either versions 7.0 or 8.0 using plink:
plink -ssh admin@ show version

I am getting the same problem while executing shell script to Ruckus Switch. Please update on the issue