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network collapesed

New Contributor

hi community 

yesterday I met an intense situation I was configuring port security on ruckus switch 7150. as i enabled port security my whole network has choked. why this occurred I don't understand anyone can make me understand so as I revert the configuration everything was fine then...


New Contributor

Hi Alex,

Port security is a feature that binds the mac address to specific port on the device.
The maximum number of MAC addresses any single interface can secure is 64 (the maximum number of local resources allocated to the interface), plus the number of global resources available.

  • Can you elaborate the problem in detail.
  • What are the configuration commands exactly applied on device?
  • What happened exactly during the problem?
    Did the port shut down when the port security is enabled on the device?
  • Do we have a chance to collect any logs from switch during the problem?
  • Also, the below command output will help address the issue.

- show version
- show module
- Show port security mac eth <num>
- show run int eth <num>

please open a support case so we can formally investigate.