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erased brocade 6450 causing problems on network it came from

New Contributor

We are currently replacing our old brocade ICX network switches (6450s ) and replacing with Ruckus 7150s. We have all but one stack of switches replaced.  We thought maybe we could re-use our old switches as isoloated or unmanaged switches but after we wiped the 6450s, and restarted them, checked the running config and nothing is listed in running config, when we plug the switch into the network it causes problems with at least one one of our servers and it will be unreachable, as soon as we unplug it it comes right back (pinging from another computer hooked up to a different switch).  For our use, we would just like to use it as a layer 2 switch but don't know how to turn off or disable the layer 3.  (we are connecting the erased switch via rj45 into a layer 2 switch)  is there something that we are forgetting to do or need to do to get this working?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ruckus-Paul,

Thank you for reaching us.

Could you please share us the below output :

show version

show flash

Please refer the below information for you ref:

Command syntax for Layer 2 switching
To globally disable Layer 2 switching on a Layer 3 switch, enter commands such as the following.

(config)# route-only
(config)# exit
device# write memory
device# reload
To re-enable Layer 2 switching on a Layer 3 switch, enter the following commands.

device(config)# no route-only
device(config)# exit
device# write memory
device# reload
To disable Layer 2 switching only on a specific interface, go to the interface configuration level for that interface, and then disable the feature. The following commands show how to disable Layer 2 switching on port 2.

device(config)# interface ethernet 2
device(config-if-e1000-2)# route-only

You can refer to the below link for your ref:

Moving Forward If this issue is not resolved , Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will help you further

I hope this information helps you

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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ruckus-Paul

Thank you for reaching us

Please feel free to run "show version" on the switch . Here I am taking example of 7150 switch to explain. If the code would be "SPS" it would be a switch code and if the code is "SPR" it would be a router code.

S - Switch

R - Router

Once you check the version on the switch using command "show version" you can choose to change the code to switch code if switch in running in router code.

I hope this helps.