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cloud or smartzone switch management

New Contributor
I am looking for a cloud/on-prem solution that offers wired and WLAN management. During my research i came accross Ruckus and its products. As for WLAN management i see that ruckus offers Ruckus Cloud-Wifi and Zonedirector. It also offers a product called Smartzone.

In the documentation it says that its possible to manage the Wired Management (the ICX switches i assume)?

But what kind of Management does it offer for these devices (Switches). what is possible to achieve? and does this product offers a API to configure it? as far i could see in the sz-public-api-reference-guide-3-5. it give alot of possibilities to do so with the WLAN. does it to for LAN?

Best regards

Contributor II
Hi Jan

SZ5.0 provides management of ICX7xxx series switches, this includes discovery, monitoring, config backup/restore, software updates, etc. In the next few months we will add the ability to configure the switches directly from SZ. 

Of you need more details please contact your local Ruckus partner who will be able to assist you, if you are not sure who to contact please send us a message via 


New Contributor
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible for you to provide me with more information about the specific management abilities. And what do you mean with "In the next few months we will add the ability to configure the switches directly from SZ. "  Is this not possible at the moment?  whats the difference between SZ5.0 and SZ? is this not the same product?  Can you provide me with more information ? i will contact a local partner at the time we deside to buy this product (if it fills our requirements)

kind regards,


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Hi Jaan

SmartZone 5.0 is the latest version of the SmartZone network controller, full details of its capabilities are described in the datasheet 

To get a full understanding of what is supported I would suggest contacting a partner for a demonstration who will be able to run through all of the wireless and wired functionality. 


RUCKUS Team Member
Recently Ruckus made a Series of videos showcasing the configuration and management of ICX Switches available in here